Porterbrook Omaha is a theological training program that helps Christians learn how to serve Jesus and his people better — whether they are church leaders, church planters, or everyday Christians wanting to deepen their theological understanding and become more mission-focused.

At its core, Porterbrook is a two-year, self-study theological training program. In the past, Coram Deo Church has hosted a “Learning Site” to facilitate the study of the Porterbrook material. As of summer 2016, we are switching to a true self-study structure. We will continue to make the Porterbrook material available, but students will be responsible to create their own structure and study rhythms.

Porterbrook is a great resource for church planters, pastors, leaders, and Christians desiring theological and missiological formation. Porterbrook is truly ‘theology for everyone.’

For more information about Porterbrook Learning and to view sample curriculum, please go to the official Porterbrook Network site.